Tree Consultations

Feb 18, 2015

Any property owner will need a tree consultation at some point, and this is true whether you own your own home or a business. Tree consultations are an essential step for ensuring the health of the trees on your property. Whether you would like to prevent future problems or notice a tree is looking under the weather, a professional tree consultation can assist you.
Importance of Tree Consultations
At times it may simply seem like an extra cost, but in reality, tree consultations are important. If you notice anything unusual about a tree on your property, a consultation with an arborist or other certified tree professional can help you diagnose and manage the problem. Consultations are also helpful when planning your landscape as they can let you know what trees will thrive on your property and which ones you should avoid planting in your yard. A tree consultation can even help you set up a proper irrigation system for your trees and garden.
Who Does Consultations?
Although it can vary, the typical person who offers a tree consultation will either be an arborist or a certified tree consultant. Certified tree consultants are only found in certain areas, so you will want to find an arborist who offers tree consultations. Arborists are certified professionals who have received training and gained experience in every aspect of trees, including planting, maintenance, and care. This knowledge helps them evaluate situations in a way someone without their training would be unable to do, making them the perfect choice for a consultation.
Selecting Your Tree Consultant
When you are looking for a tree consultant, you will want to consider multiple factors. Opt for someone with a certification of some sort (such as a certified arborist) if possible. If that is not possible, simply ensure that they have received adequate training and have plenty of experience. You should also see if they offer a free consultation, as most companies will also at least one tree consultation for free. Finally, consider whether the arborist simply offers consultations or if they will also provide the necessary services (such as caring for a sick tree). Always opt for one who will either perform these services themselves or works with someone who does so you only have to hire one company for all your tree needs.
When Do You Need Consultations on Trees?
In reality, you can hire someone to do a tree consultation whenever you want. There are, however, some situations where a consultation is more necessary than others. Other than the following situations, you can also hire a consultant just to make sure that all of the trees on your property are healthy.
Injured or Sick Trees
One of the most common times to ask for a tree consultation is when a tree is sick or injured. Instead of simply trying to guess what the problem is and take care of it yourself, hiring a professional to evaluate the situation will allow you to discover the problem and whether there is a solution. Usually the consultant will tell you that the problem is related to a disease or insect, although it can also be due to improper irrigation, too much mulch, or the tree being dug too deep.
Removing or Trimming Trees
If you are considering trimming back a tree so it takes up less room on your property or completely removing it, you would do a tree consultation first. An expert will be able to tell you how to trim back the tree so it fits within your desired size range, but remains healthy. They can also help you determine the best way of completely removing a tree if necessary. In many cases, the consultant will be part of a company that can complete the removal or trimming for you after the evaluation.

Planning a Landscape
As soon as you decide to redo your landscape, you will want to plan a tree consultation with a certified arborist. They will be able to work with you to decide whether your landscaping plans are possible and make necessary suggestions. They can help you select which trees to plan in a given area based on which types thrive with the given soil conditions and climate. It is actually wise to have several tree consultations throughout the process of upgrading your landscape as the consultation is the perfect way to ensure you stay on track. This is essential for keeping the trees and other plants on your property healthy.

Planning Construction
Even if your planned remodels don’t involve your landscape, it is important to have a tree consultation beforehand. Let the arborist know exactly what will be done on your home, whether it is digging a basement, building an addition, updating the siding, or something else. They will tell you how to protect vulnerable trees during this construction project and can even set up the necessary protections so you don’t have to worry.

Assessing Tree Risks
Tree consultations are also the easiest way to assess whether you trees pose a risk to you, your family, or your property. Keep in mind that even healthy trees may be damaged or damage your property during severe thunderstorms, winds, or other challenging weather conditions. That being said, a consultation is the simplest way to minimize the risk of a tree falling and causing damage or injury in normal weather. The consultant will evaluate the health of the tree, including its roots and branches. If any adjustments need to be made to make the tree safer, they will let you know exactly what must be done.

Following Given Advice
Scheduling a tree consultation is always a good idea as a home owner, particularly in any of the situations mentioned above. That being said, the consultation is useless unless you follow the advice given to you by the tree expert. Most arborists will work as part of a team that is able to provide various tree services. This means that if an arborist suggests you trim a specific part of your tree due to disease or safety risks, they will most likely work with someone who can do the task for you. This is the best way of ensuring the arborist’s advice is followed as they can directly tell the worker or may even do the job themselves.