Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding Being Performed At A Home In Austin

It is not uncommon to have a tree on your property that needs to be removed. If you have done it yourself, chances are that you will have a stump leftover that is simply sitting on your lawn, taking up room. It is even possible that when you moved into your home in Austin, TX, the stump was already there and you have simply lived with it. While you could find a use for a tree stump, such as using it as a table to eat outside, in most cases they will simply be in the way, making our services necessary.

The Need For Stump Grinding

When you have a tree stump on your lawn, it can cause a great deal of disruption. It can decrease the aesthetic value of your yard by creating an obstacle in an otherwise beautiful view. It may also get in the way of activities such as when your children play outside. In addition, having a stump sitting on your lawn can even be a safety hazard. If you are walking around your yard or your children are playing, it is easy to forget it is there and crash into it, injuring yourself in the process.


Part of the reason that we offer stump grinding services is to help eliminate the safety hazards associated with the stump. We want you and your family to be safe and part of that is getting rid of the stump in a safe manner. Our tree professionals are trained in the proper way to remove it so no one will be injured in the process and that no damage will be caused to your property. Because we use the best tools, we are able to accomplish the task much more easily, quickly and safer than you would be able to do on your own.

Complete Grinding With No Hole In The Yard

While some other stump removal methods are not able to guarantee its complete removal, stump grinding is. That is because we will use special tools that are able to get into hard to reach areas. Even better, we will be able to grind down six to eight inches below the surface to ensure that all of the stump and a great deal of the root system has been removed and will not obstruct your view. Another advantage of stump grinding over other methods is that we will not be leaving a hole in the ground that can create a safety hazard until filled.

Looks Better After Stump Is Gone

Although there can be concerns about the overall health of your lawn when you have a leftover stump, the main reason people opt for stump grinding is for aesthetic reasons. That is because before the removal you may have had a beautiful lawn with a large stump in it, obstructing the view and interrupting an otherwise perfect landscape. Even filling a hole can create a problem in terms of dirt or grass that does not match the rest of the yard. Because of our stump grinding methods, we will not only be able to completely eliminate this eyesore of a stump, but we can also ensure that you do not have a hole that needs filling.