10 Top Reasons to Hire Certified Arborists

Dec 15, 2014

Whether at home or at business, it is always a good idea to contract a certified arborist to care for trees and shrubs on your property. It is true that sometimes their services may cost more than hiring a random person to remove a tree, but it will be well worth the additional investment. Here are just some of the top reasons to contact a certified arborist.
1. Training And Knowledge
The first and most important reason to hire a certified arborist is that they have received extensive training in the area of trees, including maintaining, caring for, and planting them. In order to receive their certification, an arborist must have passed a test (or tests) from the International Society of Arboriculture. This also means that their information will always be up to date.
2. Emergency Tree Care
Another great reason to select a certified arborist is that they will have emergency hours to help you in case of needed tree care at all hours. If, for example, there is a storm and your property and trees have been damaged from the wind and/or rain, they will be able to examine your property and discover the trees that can be fixed via pruning and those that should be cut down.
3. Planning And Tree Planting
Certified arborists are an excellent resource for planning your landscape as well as actually planting the trees. An arborist will be to tell you which trees will work best on your property based on factors such as rainfall, sunlight, and soil nutrients.
4. Complete Tree Service
In addition to planning and planting trees, arborists are also able to offer you a wide range of services, meaning that you won’t have to hire multiple people to get the job done. Whether you need soil aeration, bracing, tree removal, or pruning, they can help.
5. Disease Diagnosis Of Your Trees
Any time that you think you have a sick tree on your property, you should contact a certified arborist right away. They will be able to evaluate the tree to determine what the problem is, whether it can spread to other trees on your property, and how to take care of it.
6. Preventative Maintenance And Suggestions
Building on the last point, certified arborists have the necessary skills to recognize if a tree is infected even if it is not showing any outward signs yet. They can also work on general preventative maintenance and regular check-ups to ensure the trees remain healthy.
7. Tree Fertilization
Fertilization helps any tree grow, but for the best results, you need to fertilize with specific nutrients. Certified arborists have the necessary training and knowledge to determine what nutrients are lacking on your property and suggest (and apply) the appropriate fertilizer to make up for this.
8. Prevent Tree Damage
If you were to hire someone to prune or trim your trees without the proper knowledge, they could easily damage them, stunting their growth or accidentally killing them. By hiring a certified arborist, however, this is not a risk as every action they take will protect the trees, not harm them.
9. Comply With Local Regulations
Sometimes there are local regulations concerning tree removal or similar procedures and a certified arborist working in your area will be familiar with these, preventing you from receiving a fine.
10. Will Have Tree Service Insurance
A final reason to hire a certified arborist is that they will almost always have insurance. This is essential as it means you won’t have to pay anything if an accident occurs on your property.